365 Days Of Foraging

That’s right, I’ve made it my mission to eat something wild/foraged every day for the entire 2017.

My passion for foraging waned slightly in 2016 as I concentrated on building a business.

I missed the seasons and the bounty.

I really missed it.

I missed the outside. The adventure of finding something new. Of communicating with the plants.

I missed the connection with nature.

I missed the untold nutritional value of imbuing the wild and allowing my cells to bathe in the wild.

So I’m back.

I don’t have time to blog here every day (hello kids, family, business etc.) but if you want to see what’s on my plate (or in my cup) join me on the Emma Does Dandelions Instagram wild feed for inspiration and tips – no recipes, I’m shit at recipes! 🙂



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