Where we get our water.

Parenthood means that our local spring water collecting days are a distant memory. However, we’ve come up with a strategy that means we can still avoid the tap liquid and have easy access to higher quality water. Step in Silver Hills Spring Water.

I discovered these guys quite by chance and when I found out they deliver water to our local area I asked if I could zoom along to their farm to check out the water and ask questions. Proactive.

Spring water
Spring water

Their water isn’t technically spring water in that it comes from a borehole. It is however a lovely water with a reasonably low TDS. (TDS is Total Dissolved Solids, check out Daniel Vitalis on YouTube for more info).

The water is untreated and comes in 18 litre bottles (rigid plastic) at a very reasonable £2.50 per bottle. A bottle of Highland Spring in the local supermarket will set you back a cool £1 a litre. It’s also been treated.

As I mentioned before here, you can’t beat natural water. It’s not full of nasty man-made chemicals, medications and chlorine. Just full of goodness!

If you live outside the area you’re welcome to go and collect some from them. Lovely guys.

Tell them Emma sent you 😉




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