About Emma

I’m here to inspire you to reconnect to your wild side. 

The truth is really quite simple. What we really need to do is scale back – to find IMAG1375ourselves in nature. To find our SELF in nature. There’s intense freedom to be found in bringing forth the wild that exists in you, that exists in us all!

I believe if we want to live authentic, happy and purposeful lives for ourselves, our families and our children then we need to reconnect to our wild nature. One of the easiest ways to do that is to Imbibe the Wild – to consume the wild that grows around us.

I’m here to share my insights and adventures in wild food.

Foraging is something that’s written in to our DNA yet we’ve all forgotten how to truly connect with the land around us, how to sustain ourselves with what grows in our own back garden. We’ve turned our backs on the wisdom, the healing and the sustenance that wild food provides.

It’s time to bring it back home.

To engage with the wild plants that grow in our communities.

To learn from each other how to incorporate the untapped vitality that lies within these plants in to our everyday lives.

To inspire our children to maintain that relationship with the land and what we eat.

Foraging brought me back home and it’s my wish that everyone experiences the deep pleasure to be found in wild food. I’m here to show you how I do it and I hope to share my experiences on this site.

Thanks for visiting!