Potent Postnatal Plant Power for Parenting Prowess

IMG_20150523_180700Check me out with the alliteration, clearly Higher English wasn’t wasted on me! I’ve come to realise that harnessing the power of plants to help me become a better parent has turned in to a bit of an obsession of late. My teas and tinctures are not just a daily habit but a daily necessity!

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My postpartum arsenal.

IMG_20150416_172924I finally had my baby girl! Go me! Baby Hope arrived last Tuesday, 21st April and is an unsurpassed beauty. I’d like to do a separate post about the how the whole birth thing went down, you can check out earlier posts about my birth wishes and fears. I’m feeling pretty ecstatic about the birth experience and I’m keen to share but for now I’d like to focus on how I am kicking ass with herbs and supplements to give me the energy needed to take care of a newborn and toddler.

I dug deep in the run up to the birth to discover more about the herbs that can support me nutritionally, immunologically and energetically after the birth process. I’m like a boy scout on steroids. PREPARED. Continue reading

Tits About Tinctures! Tinctures During Pregnancy.

I’ve just recently discovered Tinctures. Honestly, sometimes I don’t know where I’ve been all my life. As I’ve mentioned before, I firmly believe that drinking herbal teas is an excellent way to get wild food nutrition and medicine in to your diet, without having to do very much at all! But if herbal teas are Adam, then Tinctures are most definitely He-Man.

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21 reasons why we’re choosing unschooling

Chances are you’re already familiar with homeschooling, right? But what in the name of the wee man is unschooling?

Essentially, homeschooling is where you are taking responsibility for the education of your child by way of structured teaching, whereas unschooling is letting your child’s education unfold naturally, not being the teacher but facilitating self-directed learning. Continue reading