Collecting spring water. Get the low-down on the upload.

rp_img_20150207_115725.jpgToday I took a notion to go and collect some spring water from the local spring. Last time I went was with my then 5 month old son, dodging cows and barbed-wire fences to climb down hill (yes, climb) to get a few bottles of the good stuff.

Spring water is live and wild and probably definitely the most amazing water you can drink. This water is so ancient, it’s pre-industrial revolution and therefore some of the cleanest water – no pollution. When I say it’s live, I mean it’s actually alive. Call me a hippie if you will but drinking this stuff gives you a serious upload. Afterwards you feel that wild energy coursing through your veins.

I know, hippie!

You are what you drink. Ancient spring water, fresh out the earth is so vital and refreshing. It’ll hydrate you like nothing else on this planet! Wild, baby!

You can find springs in your area using or the megalithic portal or just generally googling the shit out of it.  God, I love spring hunting!

I found this spring a few years ago after hours and hours of endless searching online for springs in my area. This online searching tends to throw up lots of ancient information about when villagers collected their water as opposed to having tap liquid shipped to them in old pipes, full of pharma drugs and chlorine. Yeesh!

Anyway, time is a definite factor in our collecting our own water these days so we have spring water delivered from a local supplier. It’s from a bore-hole rather than a spring but at £3 for 18 litres, definitely not to be sniffed at given that Highland Spring sell their treated (not wild) glass-bottled spring water for £1 a litre in the supermarket.

Here are some pics of our adventure.


20150207_114107 (1)


IMG_20150207_122715 (1)

Anyone interested in finding out more should check out the work of Daniel Vitalis. Here’s a vid of him explaining more about the common sense of drinking this water.

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