Why A Forager Still Needs A Mentor

Yesterday marked my seventh (or was it my eighth?) led forage with Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods. I’ve blogged before about Mark’s amazing foraging skills here.

Mark has taught me almost everything I know about foraging. He inspired me so much I decided to start foraging walks of my own (check them out here). Even though I feel confident to lead my own walks for beginners and even though I hold membership to the Association of Foragers, I still very much class myself as a beginner when it comes to foraging. Here’s why…

When I book on to Mark’s courses I always, ALWAYS, learn something new. A new plant, a new way of processing/cooking/combining a particular plant I’m already familiar with, or a new snippet of information that takes my own foraging to the next level.

Bottom line: even when you think you know everything there is to know about a particular plant or what to do with it, you don’t. đŸ™‚Â 

As I continue to learn more about this time-honoured art and practice, I am continually awed and humbled by how much there is to learn, and if we’re to deepen this knowledge in order to pass it on to our children (as is my intention), then it’s absolutely critical not just to immerse ourselves in the practice of actually getting out there to forage, but also continuing to be taught by those who are more knowledgeable than we are.

That’s why I continue to sign up for Mark’s courses. Not just because he’s an AMAZING wild food chef and wild cocktail bartender (although, those are definitely his plus points), but because it really solidifies and deepens my own knowledge every single time.

Yesterday was such a fun-filled foraging day in Mark’s own backyard (Gatehouse of Fleet) and I learned way more than I anticipated. Plus, because I don’t get out much these days (hello, motherhood) I was ever so slightly tipsy from Mark’s inspired wild cocktails in the woods. What? It’s medicinal! đŸ˜‰






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