Herbal Tease – Imbibe the Wild!

teaseA cup of herbal tea every day was my New Year’s Resolution for this year. Sure, it’s not as exciting as jumping out a plane or building a house or having a sex-change, but I’m really pleased at how this small, seemingly insignificant addition to my day-to-day has brought me much happiness and health!

I never ‘got’ herbal tea before now. I thought it was just some other hippie-dippie thing I ‘should‘ be doing for my health and wellbeing. Something pretty boring that tasted mediocre at best!

I knew that drinking wild plants was a good substitute for eating them but I just wasn’t inspired enough to take action on this healthy habit.

Until now.

I figured making a cup of tea every day wasn’t too much to ask of myself, even if just for the month of January. We’re now half way through March and with the exception of a couple of days I’ve stuck religiously to this daily discipline. It’s similar to my experience with meditation this year. I’m not sure if it’s just the simple act of doing something every day that has habitulised the behaviour or whether I’m just at a particularly open and receptive point in the space-time continuum. 🙂

I’m now at the stage where I might even push the boat out and have two or three cups in a day. See me? I am living on the fucking edge! 🙂

More importantly, I’m now at the stage where my body craves a herbal tea!

Every time I brew up a large boiling pot of herbs I feel like I’m truly honouring myself. It’s almost a sacred practice! I feel that by imbibing the wild I’m uploading more than just the plant’s nutrition, but its wisdom. I know, woo woo, hippie as fuck.

Stephen Harrod Buhner wrote a wonderful book, The Secret Teachings of Plants, which explores further the concept that ancient and indigenous people’s knowledge of plant medicines didn’t come from a method of trial and error, but from the plants themselves! That idea feels very real to me.

My daily tea ritual involves boiling up some chaga tea and infusing that with nettle, raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, dandelion root, lemon balm and chamomile. I then add my tinctures and a tsp of honey.

I’ve focused primarily on this combination of herbs as they’re best suited to my currently being up-the-duff but I do enjoy the flavour of this tea. There are no strict measurements. Mostly I just chuck in bits and bobs of whatever calls to me the most. Let the plants guide you. Free and easy, baby!

Once the baby arrives I may add in some additional or alternative herbs to support me during that sleepless hell transition. I truly believe herbal teas open up so much potential to supporting our health and wellbeing for whatever we are faced with.

For that reason herbal tea is my new best friend.

My health ally.

My cup of protection.




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