Hot Chaga Chocolate Elixir Recipe

IMG_20150630_091506 (1)You may have noticed things have been a little quieter here on the blog. I’ve found it tricky to type with a baby perpetually attached to my nipple! Luckily for you I’ve managed to disengage the child from my very person long enough to share this awesome recipe with you.

I first tried (and instantly fell in love with) the supreme magic that is Chaga Hot Chocolate at the most awesome Caravan of Dreams restaurant in the NY of C back in 2012. I’ve come to realise that the best way to get your medicinal ‘shroom groove on is to combine it with chocolate. Never mind this spoonful of sugar bullshit, the best way to make the medicine go down is to coat that shit in CHOCOLATE.

God I love chocolate.

I recently tried to go sans chocolate for a 21 day Hormone Reset Diet thing. I lasted ten days before I realised my life was bleak without it. BLEAK.

Moving on.

Drinking chaga tea is one of the best health protocols you can introduce in to your life. Chaga’s health and nutrient profile is so far beyond anything else I’ve heard about. And the best thing is it tastes fantastic. But yeah, let’s still add chocolate.

Here is a rough recipe. I’m not good with quantities and all that but I’ll have a stab. The bitterness of the medicinal mushrooms is tempered by the cacao but you’ll need a bit of sweetness to take it to the next level. Chaga itself isn’t very bitter but things like reishi certainly are. So yeah, let’s add chocolate.


Boil up some chaga tea. I use chaga king chaga chunks. They need to be boiled at least 20 minutes on a low boil to extract maxium benefits. In between uses you can keep the chunks in a container in the fridge.

Add chaga tea (save the chunks for another couple of boils) to the blender. I’d say about half a litre.

Then I add in raw milk (to taste). You can use whatever milk you LOVE.

I then add in whatever superfoods I fancy, usually more medicinal mushrooms. A half teaspoon of reishi, same of he shou wu and 1 tsp of the medicinal mushroom superblend I use. You can play about with your quauntities.

To this I add 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1tbsp cacao powder and 2 tbsp chia seeds (to thicken it right up) and then honey (or whatever sweetener you like) to taste. I also added 1tsp MCT oil  but you could use coconut oil or omit completely.

Blend that mother up then revel in the stupendous knowledge that you are boosting your immunity to godly heights as you simultaneously sink in to the orgasmic bliss of a cacao-induced high.

This is ecstatic pleasure beyond compare.




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