My postpartum arsenal.

IMG_20150416_172924I finally had my baby girl! Go me! Baby Hope arrived last Tuesday, 21st April and is an unsurpassed beauty. I’d like to do a separate post about the how the whole birth thing went down, you can check out earlier posts about my birth wishes and fears. I’m feeling pretty ecstatic about the birth experience and I’m keen to share but for now I’d like to focus on how I am kicking ass with herbs and supplements to give me the energy needed to take care of a newborn and toddler.

I dug deep in the run up to the birth to discover more about the herbs that can support me nutritionally, immunologically and energetically after the birth process. I’m like a boy scout on steroids. PREPARED.

Here is what is in my post-partum toolbelt. Holy newborn, Batman!

All tinctures are added to my daily cup of herbal tea. I get my teas and tinctures from here.

*Warning. Be health empowered! Please do your own research on the safety of consuming herbs during pregnancy and breastfeeding prior to consuming*

Ashwaganda (Tincture) – rich source of Iron. Calming adaptogen, enhances endocrine, thyroid and adrenal function.  Treats anxiety, fatigue, chronic fatigue and immune deficiency.

Astragalus (Tincture) – Adaptogen. Boosts and supports immune system function.

Siberian Ginseng (Tincture) – increases mental stamina. Used to enhance overall energy and immunity.

Gingko (Tincture) – enhances concentration.

Gotu Kola (Tea) – Adaptogenic herb which increases mental stamina, alleviates depression and anxiety and can increase energy.

Chaga (Tea) – boosts immune function. High antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial.

Rhodolia (Tea) – relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety.

Skullcap (Tincture) – promotes a good night’s sleep (haha) and reduces pain from headaches.

Medicinal Mushroom Immunity Blend – I use this one. Add it in to teas or smoothies for super immune boosting powers.

Motherwort (tea) – helps to regulate hormones.

Turmeric (Tincture) – anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and reducing infections.

Wood Betony (tea) – calming nerve tonic.

Probiotics – I take this probiotic capsule plus fermented foods at most meals including homemade, wild-infused sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir.

Vitamin D – we’re all pretty deficient in this hormone, even with the sun shining!

That’s about it.

I’m also ensuring I drink plenty water and coconut water to stay hydrated (and boost breastmilk production) and eating super nutrient dense foods!

For now I’m off to stare lovingly at my newborn daughter. Blessed! 🙂





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