Potent Postnatal Plant Power for Parenting Prowess

IMG_20150523_180700Check me out with the alliteration, clearly Higher English wasn’t wasted on me! I’ve come to realise that harnessing the power of plants to help me become a better parent has turned in to a bit of an obsession of late. My teas and tinctures are not just a daily habit but a daily necessity!

What do I mean by a better parent?

A better parent means one that has the energy and vitality to get through the day and the very long night!

One that has patience and strength despite untold sleep deprivation.

One that can roll with the terrible two suckerpunchesย and the demands of a newborn without completely losing the plot.

One that can have a screaming, hungry baby in one arm and a screaming hungry (for attention) toddler in the other and not start rocking and crying in the corner.

One that can simultaneoulsy breastfeed AND mop up baby sick from the kitchen floor whilst still making dinner. Me = superhero!

One that can still feel completely drained and hopeless but live to fight another day.

I can honestly say that utilising plant technology (that’s drinking herbal tea and tinctures) has made a huge difference to my overall health and well-being.

Sure, I don’t have the fun flag out all day every day, but I do feel more resilience in those moments that would previously floor me. I thought that meditation was the key driver in my increased patience but since having the baby I haven’t made time to meditate and yet my ability to keep the heid has been maintained…mostly! ๐Ÿ™‚

I deliberately choose the plants that will help sustain my nervous system, focus, concentration and energy.

I’ve made it my goal to lean on these plants, to sustain and nourish me on every level.

I believe they can!

Wood Betony is just one of the latest herbs in my postnatal arsenal. The tea is useful for insomnia and nervous exhaustion, increasing mental and physical strength. I’m also down with the Turmeric Tincture (I loves me a good tincture), for super anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant powers. I’ve added Hops to my herbal tea at night to help with insomnia.

I’m making it my mission to learn every possible plant ally, to focus on what will help me to positively parent with plant power!

I’m going to share what I learn with you here. You = lucky!

I’m off to go and think of more P words… ๐Ÿ™‚




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