Quick and easy wild food vinegars!

rp_img_20150209_150841.jpgI flung these two beauties together in about five mins. It’s super fast and easy to infuse vinegar with wild foods for supremely nutritious and tasty additions to your meals. I still had a couple of bags of rosehips in the freezer so opted to make rosehip vinegar. You can use dried bought ones. Fill a jar half-full with your rosehips (I didn’t bother to prick or defrost) and fill up with vinegar. My preference is raw, Apple Cider Vinegar but you could use anything really. Nothing too overpowering or it will detract from the flavour.

Next, I totally cheated and used dried Elderberries and Bilberries (I bought mine here). I do have some frozen foraged elderberries in the freezer, but they’re far too valuable to smother in vinegar. I use my elderberries for my ultimate cold elixir (recipe coming soon). As I mentioned in this blog post, I’m not precious about using pre-bought wild food ingredients! Sometimes I’m all about speed and ease!

I used about 100g of elders and bilberries and added 3 star anise and a pinch of cloves, together with a tbsp of xylitol (don’t like sugar) and a pinch of vanilla. I covered this mix with approx 500ml of Apple Cider Vinegar and gave it a good stir.

They’re sat on a nice sunny windowsill. I’m going to give them a wee shake every day for the next couple of weeks or so then they’re ready to sieve and use. However, if you leave them a little longer they taste stronger and better.

You can add these to salads or any meal you think would benefit from a bit of medicinal flavour. You can also add a chug to boiling water and sweeten with honey for a potent vitamin packed drink!

Last Summer I made the most orgasmic blackcurrant vinegar using foraged blackcurrants. I won’t lie, it’s probably my best foraged creation especially given the massive foragasm I had in the woods when I stumbled across the blackcurrant bush. You can make some the easy way by simply buying the frozen berries from the supermarket and adding them to vinegar,  I can’t wait to make it again!

My next vinegar experiment is Dandelion and probably a Wild Garlic version too!

Nice one.

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