From raw vegan to roadkill

2007 marked the beginning of my foray in to raw-veganism. After a tumultuous start, the next four and a half years saw me denouncing meat and dairy products and pretty much anything that had been near a cooker.

Last night I ate roadkill venison in the woods, by the fire after a day-long forage.

And you may ask yourself, well…how did I get here?

Discovering raw food was like finding buried treasure. The answer to life, the universe and everything wasn’t 42, it was a green smoothie packed with enough superfoods to choke a horse (and your bank manager). Don’t get me wrong, I felt amazing. Energetic. Vibrant. Alive. Healthy and very, very happy.

I blogged. I taught raw food classes. I wrote e-books. I had so much fun. Raw food was a game-changer for me, a pivotal moment in my life when I can point and say, yep, the decision to eat raw food actually altered me on every level and ultimately changed the direction of my entire life.

Sounds dramatic, right? It truly is something you have to experience for yourself to understand fully.

emma raw

And yeah, sometimes I was ‘that’ vegan, the one that is a little lot holier than thou. I was judgemental and saw every meat-eater as destroying the planet as well as needlessly buying in to the abuse of animals. I wondered how I could get other people to ‘get it’ the way I did. There’s a bit of evangelical in us all. Once we think we’ve found ‘the way’, we’re desperate to share it with the world. Bless us!

But over time I stopped being so damn preachy. I also learned a bit more about the reality of my own food choices.

I listened to the work of Daniel Vitalis. I couldn’t ignore the legitimacy of his wisdom in this area. I couldn’t sidestep the lucidity of his arguments. I hadn’t considered some of the inconvenient truths about my raw food diet.

What ultimately dominated my choice of raw food veganism was achieiving supreme health. I was fortunate in a way that the (supposed) ethical considerations of veganism played a much lesser role, this would make any transitions a little easier – even if they hurt my ego a bit!

Over time I gave more consideration to the health aspects of my dietary regime.

In truth, I was eating hybridized, domesticated, exotic fruit and superfoods flown from the other side of the planet. I was relying on mass agriculture that destroys entire fields full of animals, insects and plants, thinking this was a conscious thing to do – whilst decrying the slaughter of animals for meat!

I was ignoring all the nutrient-rich wild food growing around me, the domesticated animals raised consciously (not in a factory farm) and the wild animals within a hundred miles.

The blatant realisation that if I want to be healthy I should be eating the food that grows all around me, wild and free, hit me like a vitamix on the head.

As I started to learn more and more about wild food and foraging I became switched on. It felt similar to when I ‘discovered’ raw food but this time more real, more honest and true.

To me, wild food growing in my area is the ultimate food for my body. I can’t live off it (as much as I’d like to), but ‘more wild food‘ and ‘eat something wild every day‘ is the direction I’m moving toward. Try as I may there is no argument (other than sustainability and conscious foraging) that I can find that goes against the fundamental truth of wild food. (Evangelical? Me?)

My diet these days is high fat (saturated), wild meat and pasture raised meat, eggs, raw milk and dairy, organic vegetables, berries and apples and wild food as much as I can. I supplement with raw chocolate pretty much every day 🙂

Whilst I’m not flying that ecstatic high of a high raw vegan diet, I feel nourished on every level. I feel satiated. Balanced. Healthy. Wild!

I understand everyone makes choices based on where they’re at with what they’ve got. I’m not suggesting vegans are idiots. I don’t advocate that dietary choice any more and that’s been an interesting journey, given what I espoused only a few years ago.

But we live and learn, right? Live and learn.


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