Review – The Sea Gardener Seaweed Bars

IMG_20150414_091400For those of you who don’t know, I’m the girl who gets excited about a trip to the local health food shop or Wholefoods. I’m the one that goes ‘Ooh, shiny’ when she sees a newly available health food product. Forget shoes and makeup, perfume and clothes. I’m all about the health food, baby. It floats my boat.

So when I saw these lovely seaweed infused bars on Twitter (hey, follow me!) I got ten types of excited and promptly put in an order.

These bars are made by The Sea Gardener, Marie Power, who knows everything there is to know about seaweed and has lovingly created these bars so that you and me and the man next door can get all the delicious benefits of Irish harvested (organic) seaweed in a tasty snack!

Seaweed is ridiculously full of minerals and vitamins and is a true wild superfood! Mostly we put it in our soups and sauerkrauts for extra minerals so it’s awesome to have YET ANOTHER WAY of eating your seaweed. That’s universal abundance in action right there. 🙂

Thank the Gods for people like Marie, making it super easy for us to upgrade our health without compromising on taste.

The bars come in two flavours, Coconut & Lime and Almond & Orange. The texture is soft, chewy and cake-like rather than solid and crunchy. You cannot taste the seaweed at all (if that’s a concern for you).

The most exciting thing of all (aside from the fact that they don’t have any crap in them) is that they include wondrous superfoods such as GOJI, HEMP, FLAX & CHIA! You literally can’t get better than that. Unless you dipped the whole thing in chocolate of course 🙂

Highly recommend you try these babies out. Available to buy online from The Sea Gardener website.




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