Foraging Madness!

Happy Saturday!

Today I took a half hour stroll around the woodland at the back of my house – yes, I live in foraging paradise. With the big holes in my wellies I ventured across the river to a new spot on the riverbank that I hadn’t explored before.

One of my ABSOLUTE favourite things about foraging is exploring new areas. Unfortunately I’m past the brand new honeymoon stage of foraging in that it’s rarer for me to find plants I haven’t already encountered before. But it’s still fun to find the same Continue reading

Wild food pizza!

One of my absolute favourite ways to enjoy wild Spring greens is atop a delicious pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? No one.

This time we opted for a raw pizza base (available from here) on which to paint a pretty picture of wilds. Because nutrition!

Take your base and top with a homemade tomato sauce, some cheese, pesto, avocado and as many wild greens as you can muster.


We topped ours with fresh shoots of wild garlic, fried nettle (in butter, obvs), common sorrel, ground elder, garlic mustard, purslane and gorse flowers. It’s still pretty slim pickings around here as Spring is only just springing but I’m so hungry for some wilds I just couldn’t wait.

The wild garlic has yet to take on its potent garlic flavour but the shoots are very succulent and still very enjoyable. 🙂

I even made some videos on periscope of me collecting the wilds. I’ll be making some more videos in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

I’ll wager that pizza is the tastiest and most creative way to enjoy your wild greens.