reasons to go foraging with Mark from Galloway Wild Foods

I first discovered Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods in Autumn 2013 when I signed up for a fungi forage at Mugdock Country Park. Even though I hated mushrooms I knew I needed to up my game foraging-wise (zombies etc.) and this would be the beginning of my foraging adventures.

Since then I have had the privilege to attend not one, not twelve, but six of his guided foraging walks in and around Glasgow. From fungi to coastal, all through the year.  These walks, together with following Mark and others on Twitter, have sky-rocketed my knowledge and appreciation for all things wild and that’s why I’m sharing reasons why you should sign up to forage with Mark. Continue reading

10 reasons you should be foraging for and eating wild food (includes zombies)

Aside from the obvious impending zombie apocalypse, there are a whole host of reasons why you want to be a) learning how to forage and b) eating more wild food.

Here are my top reasons…

Wild food is medicinal

For the past 8 years I’ve lived by the axiom ‘let food be thy medicine‘ but it wasn’t ’til Daniel Vitalis added ‘until you realise that your food hasn’t got any medicine left in it anymore’ that I understood I had to up my game (ha, literally). Continue reading