Sea buckthorn salad

I had an epiphany last night. Go me! I actually spelled epiphany correct first time!

I guess it’s a sad state of affairs when my epiphany relates to putting sea buckthorn on my salad. It’s not like I solved the world’s pollution problems or anything. But still. Sea buckthorn on salad!


Sea buckthorn is my absolute favourite berry. Just thinking about it makes my mouth do that funny thing it does when you think of biting in to a lemon. The berries are beautifully tart.

I don’t really do much of the fancy shmancy stuff with my wild foraged finds, preferring instead to freeze the berries and just put them atop desserts and yoghurt. You don’t have to be Nigel Slater in the kitchen to work with wild food. I’m all about adding in very simply.

I served this sea buckthorn salad with fishcakes and sauerkraut and it worked AMAZING.


From raw vegan to roadkill

2007 marked the beginning of my foray in to raw-veganism. After a tumultuous start, the next four and a half years saw me denouncing meat and dairy products and pretty much anything that had been near a cooker.

Last night I ate roadkill venison in the woods, by theĀ fire after a day-long forage.

And you may ask yourself, well…how did I get here?

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