The best superfood on the planet…or your money back!

Emma Calvert shares her Wild Food adventuresI’ve been in this superfood game for a few years now and let me tell you I’ve yet to find a superfood better than this…

It is the superfood for the new millennium.  The party-hard, supercharged, fast-track to health, vitality, energy and beauty.  High vibration.  Amplifies your jing AND your ding-a-ling. Continue reading

wild food versus superfoods

Back when I was a raw foodist (circa 2007-2011), I seriously bought in to the whole superfood thing. And when I say I bought in to it, I mean I really bought in to it. Mega bucks. I’ll wager I’ve spent £000s on the weird and wonderful. From Acai to Zeolites. I’ve done it all, baby.

There was that time I ate too much Muira Puama and wanted to make love to the trees.  What about that time I ate too much Suma and forgot how to drive? Breakfast was usually a smoothie with more superfoods than you could shake an expensive Peruvian stick at. If I couldn’t spell it, all the better. Continue reading