What I’ve been foraging lately…

Motherhood has certainly had its way with me this year and as such, my foraging has been in stolen moments between naps and feeding.

I have had the opportunity to get out a bit more recently and I’m really looking forward to picking this up again now that Spring is round the corner.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve foraged over the last few months. 


Damsons. I ended up putting these in a crumble alongside some other foraged apples and brambles.


Dried hogweed seeds. We normally add these to stews to impart an exotic flavour!


Cranberries! I was so delighted with this find. I froze these to add to crumbles. Absolutely amazing!


Dried rosehips for tea.


I found these Chanterelle by chance. We added them to a rice dish. Gorgeous.


Turkey tail. Brilliant medicinal mushroom. We dry it out and add to stews as an addition to stock then remove before serving.


Sea buckthorn. My favourite berry. We left it a bit late but managed to get a bag full before they turned.




Sloes. I ended up giving these to a friend to make Sloe Gin.


Purslane. Not so keen on the taste of this but we ate it once or twice.


Poisonous Alert! Yew Berry. Please be extremely careful as these are deadly. You must discard the pip inside the berry! Only eat the berry flesh.


I foraged loads of apples this year. We made sixteen million crumbles. I am now the crumble queen!


There was still an abundance of sorrel growing late in the year. I made a wicked pesto with it,

I’ve actually surprised myself putting this post together as to how much I managed to get out and about to forage even with a newborn. Just shows you that it’s possible for us all.

I’m excited about the buds under the ground getting ready to grow. Spring is my absolutely favourite time to forage. If you’d like to join me on a led walk for Beginners, check out my foraging calender here



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