Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

garlicLast night my husband excelled himself yet again with the most delicious dinner using our foraged fayre. The husband is the culinary genius in the household. I pick the paints, he comes up with the masterpiece. Lucky girl, ain’t I?

So the Wild Garlic has finally graced us with its presence. Given that we only cleared the last bout of snow last week I wasn’t holding out much hope, but lo and behold, some Spring growth at our Wild Garlic patch.


We made a Wild Garlic pesto as an obvious first choice but will be heading back soon to pick some more for a Wild Garlic hummus (recipe to follow).

Here’s how we made our pesto:

Ground 6 Brazil nuts in the food processor


4 handfuls of Wild Garlic Leaves

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Good pinch of Celtic sea salt

Enough Olive oil to preferred consistency. We like ours a bit chunkier. Add a little bit at a time as the food processor is spinning.

Top with grated lemon rind

Ta dah!



We topped ours with some other foraged finds including sorrel, ground elder and hairy bittercress.

The pesto was mixed with spiralised courgetti & meatballs (organic, pasture raised from here) in a homemade marinara sauce to create this: –



Soooooo gooooood!





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