wild herbal fermentation – rosehip and sea buckthorn kefir

Have you tried making your own kefir?  It’s amazing.  All fermenty and fizzy and super good for your bacteria.

For the purposes of time and quite frankly my sanity I’m not going to go in to serious detail on the hows and wherefores of fermenting using kefir grains but I will give you the heads up on two recipes I just made using my 2nd ferment.

Once you’ve made your kefir water (I leave grains to soak in sugared water for 36 hours) strain out grains and in to the water add 1 cup of smooshed (yes, that is a word) sea buckthorn berries. Seal and leave for 24 hours – make sure to release pressure as you go or KABOOOM!

Or, if you have some rosehip powder, add 1tsp of that to your kefir water. I normally have 500ml of kefir water.  I’m sure fresh rosehips would work as well (be careful with hairs, don’t smoosh or if you do, strain very well) or even dried rosehip shells which you can get here.

I’ve also had amazing results with dried elderberries, bilberries and violet flowers.

The result is some tasty wild herbal kefir lemme tell you.

When it comes to possibilities the world is your ostrich.

Enjoy with ice and lemon. Cheers!

kefir 1



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