Wild Tabbouleh

IMG_20150319_171046We made this for dinner last night. It’s a slight modification of Robin Harford’s Oxeye Daisy Tabbouleh.

Here’s his recipe. I love how easily Robin incorporates wild food in to his everyday meals. It makes it so accessible for everyone to get involved. He’s just set up a new Facebook group for sharing Wild Food recipes. Find it here.

I’ve been on a forage with Robin and I think he’s a really switched-on forager. He adds an extra dimension of spirituality to his forages – well worth attending one if you can! Check out his upcoming list of courses here.

So there’s no oxeye daisy about at the moment so I picked some young dandelion leaves, sorrel and ground elder to replace in the recipe. Instead of using garlic we used Wild Garlic leaves finely chopped.

We enjoyed this with Wild Salmon and it was out of this world delicious. Definitely something we’ll be making again!

Give it a try!




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